Student Trips We Offer

We've got educational travel experiences for everyone 'round here. Take your pick, you really can't go wrong. Pinky-promise.

Curated Trips

We pre-plan these bad boys, which limits the heavy lifting. We also don't allow any changes to be made to itinerary or what's included. That makes these our most budget friendly trips. Make no mistake though, they're also our personal faves!
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Custom Trips

Some of our best teachers love to tweak and refine their itineraries into their own little masterpiece. It's a really fun experience, but it also adds a good bit of work. That makes these trips are a little pricier, but the sky is the limit with flexibility and customization.
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Student Event Trips

Heading to an international conference for a student organization, national show choir competition, holiday student band parade, or anything similar? We work with you to make the whole trip experience easy, fun, and focused on your goals for the event.
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Wondering whether to go with a

They're both pretty sweet, if you ask us! Most teachers really dig our Curated trips. It takes all the guess work out, and gives you tried-and-true awesomeness. The world is literally your oyster with Custom trips though...🤔

Travel Agent
Not student travel exclusive
Old-school processes
Hidden costs & fees
Limited scope (no guides)
EXP Curated Trips
Faster planning process
More affordable
Tried-and-true itinerary
No revisions allowed
Wednesday - Sunday trips only
Currently available for NY only
EXP Custom Trips
Unlimited itinerary changes
Flexible trip start days
Choose your trip length
Add or subtract inclusions
Any destination you want
Choose from more hotels & airlines
Giant Company
Too many points of contact
High pressure sales tactics
Itineraries made for the masses
Tricky pricing structures

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